GSN Review: Oval Vodka

Oval Vodka Website

The bottle belies an elegant drinking experience, and I wasn’t
disappointed.   Oval vodka is unusual in
that it is “structured” at 84 proof. 
Rather than a heavier “burn”, this vodka has a creamy smoothness similar
to Plymouth gin.   The appearance is crystalline
and bright.  The initial nosings gave
aromas of marshmallow, sweet candy, sugar, and only a light whiff of alcohol.  The first tasting at room temperature confirmed
the marshmallow sense and added a vanilla hint.   After chilling, the vodka became more
typical including a Stolichnaya mineral quality.  Oddly enough, the burn was harsher at a
cooler temperature, but not so much as to detract from the overall experience.

I would recommend Oval as an excellent vodka for martinis,
or as a base in cocktails.   The
sweetness works very well with fruit based drinks such as the
Cosmopolitan.   And the bottle makes a
great conversation piece in your liquor cabinet!

Good Spirits Rating: 
*** (VSOP)

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