GSN Review: Domaine de Canton (Battle of the Ginger Liqueurs)

Domaine de Canton WebsiteWhy had no one thought of this before?  A ginger based liqueur!  Oh, wait, someone already did.  Hold on, let me get my bottle of Original Canton Delicate Ginger Liqueur off the shelf.  Ok, time for battle of the ginger liqueurs.

On the left, the previous champion from China: The Original Canton Delicate Ginger Liqueur

A thick, syrupy scent of candied ginger.  A color reminscent of movie theatre popcorn oil.   Somewhat watery, yet has nice legs.  Tastes like a sweet piece of sushi ginger that has been marinated in simple syrup.  Little to no alcohol taste (only 40 proof).   The taste fades quickly leaving a vague sweetness.  Very nice, but one dimensional.

On the right, the new challenger from France: Domaine de Canton French Ginger Liqueur

A clear, bright and crisp scent of fresh ginger.  Light, almost pale yellow color (shown off beautifully in one of the best designed bottles I’ve ever seen).  Pours like watered down glucose, yet those great legs again.  Tastes like a mixture of fresh ginger candy and diluted cognac.  The heat goes on for a while, in a sensuous way.  Alcohol is more noticable (56 proof).  What I find are several layers of discovery.  After sipping, the heat kicks in and settles on the roof of the mouth with a comforting warmth.  As the flavor fades different areas of the palate are excited with varying degrees of flavor; almost like an Asian or Thai dish.

Honestly, Domain de Canton is a classic.  This is something that can provide endless variety to virtually every cocktail in your repertoire.   Not much is needed, perhaps .25 oz. or so, but it will bring your beverages to a new level.   Try it instead of using simple syrup, or add a bit to a caipirinha or mojito for an extra kick.

Good Spirits Rating(s):  Original Canton **(VS)  Domaine de Canton ****(Top Shelf)

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