GSN Review: Orange V Vodka

Orange V is
an organic flavored vodka that is an all American product.  The vodka
itself is distilled in Idaho and then blended with orange fruit
extracts from Florida.  What makes Orange V quite unique in the field
of flavored vodkas is that is uses three different types of oranges to
achieve it’s flavor profile.  Valencia, Mandarin and Tangerine.  The
results are quite tasty. 

The nose is slightly fruity with more of the vodka character coming through.  Definitely orange notes there tho’. 

The taste is
like fresh squeezed juice with the a
ddition of pith.  Not
bitter per se, just tangy and almost spicy.  This is not fruit juice or Tang, mind you.
Just good old fashioned orange liquor.  However, in the finish, I
noticed the telltale mineral quality characteristic of a great vodka.
I think this would work well in any orange juice based cocktail in
place of regular vodka, or even gin.  Try it in place of Mandarine
Napoleon liqueur.
What really surprised me was the sweetness of the vodka.  Most fruit
based vodkas have either a metallic or artificial quality to them.  Not
Orange V.  I’d have to say that Orange V stands up to anything produced
by Absolut or Smirnoff easily.

The proof is slightly lower than is normal (only 76 instead of 80), but
this works to it’s benefit.  I tried Orange V straight out of the freezer and was amazed
at how smooth it was.  No burn at all.  What I was left with was almost
the sensation of having some kind of triple sec. 
In the end, I’d recommend Orange V to any mixologists looking to expand their vodka cabinet with a fine product.

Orange V is not available across the US yet, but can be found in about 20% of the country.

Good Spirits Rating: ***1/2 (VSOP+)

2 thoughts on “GSN Review: Orange V Vodka

  1. Thanks for the nice review of Orange V Vodka – The Ultimate Orange Vodka – just wanted to clarify that we do not use excusively use organic grain. Our first few batches did, but currently we source grains from local sources. Our distiller leads the way in utilizing windpower for distillation and we are always trying to minimize our footprint as we produce our products. Thanks again!More info –

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