GSN Review: Tanteo Tequila

The latest trend in spirits seems to be flavored
infusions.  I’m sure we’ve all had
fruity, spicy or dessert flavored vodkas; but there is an entirely new player
in town.  Tanteo Tequila uses 100% Weber
Blue Agave for it’s blanco tequila and then infuses it with natural flavor extracts
to create three versatile flavors for your sipping and mixing pleasure.

First off, the most logical of these creations is the Tanteo Jalapeno.  The vegetal quality of the tequila works
extremely well with the mellow burn of the jalapeno.  The nose is enticing and the finish is long
lasting, giving off a warming pepper burn that makes this an exceptional
sipping tequila.  This would also work
well in a Bloody Mary variation, or even a Jalapeño Tequila martini.  Very nice, and something I happily recommend
for tequila enthusiasts.  Good Spirits Rating: A

Next, I tried the Tanteo
.  This is not a Godiva
or Bailey’s type of liqueur.  This is a
dry, bittersweet type of spirit that has multiple layers of flavor.  The nose is odd, but if you think of Baker’s
chocolate, it makes sense.  The finish is
somewhat short and leaves your mouth feeling dry.  I kept feeling it needed something edible to
balance the experience.  This would be
fantastic as a sipping tequila with Mexican food, or even as an addition to a chocolate
based mole sauce.  It is an unusual
tequila flavor on it’s own, but well worth a try to pairing with a meal.  Good
Spirits Rating: B+

Finally, Tanteo
.  Unfortunately, for me,
this was the one tequila that sounded better on paper than it tasted.  The fruit is entirely much too forward and
conflicts with the natural flavor of the tequila.  The nose is off putting and has an artificial
air about it.  Apparently the infusion is
a mixture of mango, pineapple and guanabana.
I think they might have done better to choose one fruit and make it
simpler.  About the best I could recommend
this for is to mix into a Mango or Pineapple margarita.  But as a sipping tequila, I’ll pass.  Good Spirits
Rating: C-

Tanteo Tequilas are currently only available in New York,
New Jersey and online. More information can be found on their website at


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