GSN Review: Karlsson’s Gold Vodka

Vodkas are notoriously difficult to review, mainly because
the idea behind a great vodka is to make it as close to the ideal of no color,
no odor, no flavor.  However, having said
that, every vodka has minute differences that come from the source product and
the water used to dilute it to proof.

Karlsson’s Gold is distilled from seven types of virgin or “new”
potatoes and Swedish water.  Rather than
distilling countless times to achieve a blank palette vodka, Karlsson’s Gold is
only distilled once.  This gives it
terroir and intriguing nuances of the potato character.  Not only that, but every year produces it’s
own flavor profile based on how the potatoes were affected by soil and weather
conditions.  This produces the world’s
first vintage vodka.

The vintage bottle I received for review was excellent.  Other than Stolichnaya, Hanger One and a few
other boutique vodkas I’ve tried, Karlsson’s Gold is arguably the best.  Depending on the serving temperature, different
flavors come to the fore.  Served at room
temperature, it is sweet and light.
Similar to a high end grappa.
Served ice cold, it is like drinking a thick and rich nectar of icy rain

This vodka is great for sipping straight or used in classics
like a Kangaroo or Bloody Mary.  For more
information on Karlsson’s click here.

Good Spirits Rating: **** (Top Shelf)


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