GSN Review: Jim Beam Red Stag

They’ve been adding fruit flavors to vodka for years; why shouldn’t
we expect it in whiskies?  However, Jim
Beam Red Stag is one of those experiments that honestly makes me wonder what
they were thinking.  Bourbon and black
cherry is not a flavor combo that is used often in any cocktail that I can
think of.  I’m not saying that it doesn’t
work, but there’s no real need for it.
Honestly, I think Jim Beam is just looking to grab a younger market used to drinking sugary beverages with this
introduction of black cherry whiskey.

Upon pouring it into a tasting glass I caught a whiff of something
like old fashioned candy store.  The nose
is pretty good, and has the scent of rich, dark cherries.  Tasting tho’ was not anything like what I
think a bourbon should be.  It is overly
sweet and yet reminds me of the kind of cough medicine I grew up on and am
loathe to take now.

This is a liqueur more than a bourbon, and I think it should
be used as such.  To drink this straight or
even watered down in more than a few ounces is too much.  Add some to a Manhattan or a Julep for a
different take on a traditional cocktail.
Or if you’re looking for a new bourbon and cola experience, this is probably
perfect for you.

In the end tho’, I believe that this is a misstep for the
Jim Beam company and Red Stag will likely go the way of Rock & Rye after a
few years.

Good Spirits Rating: **

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