Manhattan Cocktail Classic Lineup

Here is the schedule for The Manhattan Cocktail Classicscheduled for October 3-4, 2009. Saturday, October 3, 2009

Have Cocktail Shaker, Will Travel, with Charlotte Voisey & Simon Ford

Once the last legal
cocktail was served on the eve of Prohibition in New York City, things
would never be the same again. ‘Have cocktail shaker, will travel’ was
the mindset of many a passionate barkeep in the 1920s when their
craftsmanship turned criminal.  Join Charlotte Voisey, Simon Ford, and
other assorted friends for a jovial discussion on how New York has been
influencing cocktail culture around the world for many years.  Liquid
refreshments will be served.

Cocktails for Your Home Cocktail Party, with Sasha Petraske

Famed (and oft-elusive)
owner and proprietor of Milk and Honey Sasha Petraske will demonstrate
the basics of creating cocktails in the home. He will go over how to
set up and stock home bars of varying degrees of seriousness, as well
as cover different scenarios of cocktail entertaining – from
temporarily taking over your friend’s kitchen for a house party, to
grabbing the reins at a fully-equipped bar.  And of course, Sasha will
teach you how to prepare some basic, ever-pleasing libations for these
occasions.  Participants will leave armed with a no-fail recipe list
and a short set of directions for preparing basic cocktails with block
ice and fresh juices.

The Agave Session: The Magical Elixirs of Mexico, with Steve Olson and special guests

There is a heritage and
culture associated with Tequila and Mezcal that dates back well over a
thousand years, when the agave plant – also known as the maguey – was
utilized by Mexico’s native peoples for virtually everything: from food
and drink, to sugar, to shoes, soap, building supplies, and even
medicine.  Join us for an exciting tasting of this exotic elixir, each
by artisan producers, as we pay homage to the heritage, history and
culture of Mexico’s national spirit. It is also likely that agave-based
libations will be consumed.

The Many Faces of Cognac & Armagnac, with Julie Reiner, Charlotte Voisey & F. Paul Pacult

This one-time-only,
comprehensive seminar joins celebrated master mixologists Julie Reiner
and Charlotte Voisey with America’s spirits guru F. Paul Pacult on an
extraordinary excursion deep into France’s legendary AOC grape
brandies, Cognac and Armagnac. Participants will first be taken on a
guided tour of tasting a half-dozen remarkable brandies to see how
these distilled and oak-matured cousins compare and contrast. Then,
they will be treated to a Cognac cocktail, made by Julie, and an
Armagnac cocktail, made by Charlotte. A rare opportunity to spend 90
minutes with three of America’s most engaging spirits and cocktail

History of the Cocktail in New York, 1810-1920, with Dave Wondrich

Among all the classes of
American mixed drinks—the Cobblers, Sours, Fizzes, Coolers, Juleps and
all the rest—the Cocktail stands as first among equals. If there’s
something about a quick jolt of ice-cold, mixed-up boozy deliciousness
that’s essentially American, then it’s quintessentially New York. And
indeed, while many other cities have made key contributions to the
Cocktail’s development, none has done so much as to shape it as Gotham.
This seminar will attempt to track the interventions the city’s
mixologists made in the idea of the Cocktail during the 110-odd years
between its first documented appearance here and Prohibition. Liquid
exhibits will be served.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Audrey and Gary’s Unparalleled Gin Palaver, with Audrey Saunders & Gary Regan

Audrey Saunders,
Libation Goddess from New York’s Pegu Club, and perhaps the bartender
most responsible for the resurgence of gin in the 21st century, will
join Gary “gaz” Regan, author of The Joy of Mixology (2003) and The
Bartender’s Gin Compendium (Fall 2009), to present gin-based cocktails,
old, new, borrowed, and, well, you get the picture.  They will wax
lyrical on all things juniper; they will pontificate endlessly about
the attributes of the Martini and of the MarTEAni, and they will
display the splendor of cocktails made with dry gin, genever, Plymouth
gin, and a most peculiar Old Tom. It’s probable that Saunders and Regan
will flirt shamelessly throughout the workshop. The throwing of rotting
fruit or vegetables will not be permitted.

Glasses & Tools: How Do You Choose the Right Glass for a Drink? with Dale DeGroff

The choice of glass can
mean the difference between a successful and elegant drink, or a glass
of booze. In a commercial operation, the choice of glass can impact
dramatically on the bottom line. At the home bar, the choice of glass
can have an impact on the success of your cocktail party, and the
well-being of your guests. Explore the classics with Dale DeGroff as he
culls his glass collection to find the perfect glass for well-known
classics and the tools to make them successfully.

Sherry: The Cobbler and Beyond, with Andy Seymour

Sherry has long played
an important role in the world of mixology and has emerged in this new
age of the cocktail more popular than ever.  Join Master Mixologist and
U.S. Sherry Ambassador Andy Seymour for a fascinating look at one of
the world’s most cocktail (and food) friendly wines.  Taste five of the
finest Sherry, representing its many styles, and sample cocktails that
show off Sherry’s traditional side and what it is up to today.  Come
ready to shake, as Andy will lead the group in building their own
version of the Sherry cobbler!

“Call of the Rye” with Allen Katz

Ryes, Ryes my beloved,
Meet me down by The Bowery.
There will I give you my love. 

By history and culture,
With song, per chance dance,
A Savor to be kissed by kisses. 

O, my dear, come…
Ryes at the day break. 

As the shadows enter over Astor.
O friends, drink, yea, drink abundantly,
O, beloved. 


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