GSN Review: Love Potion #9

interesting entry into the multi-flavoured liqueurs category.  Love
Potion #9 is along the lines of of X-Rated Fusion or Hpnotiq, with the
notable exception that it is made from neutral cane spirits as opposed
to cognac.   This works to it’s advantage in my opinion by keeping down
the high notes and making a smooth, silky beverage.  The colour is a rich crystal clear
golden honey.  The initial nosing smelt of
chocolate, maple, mango, banana, taffy and sugarcane, yet avoids being
cloying or artificial.  It reminded me of being in a neighborhood candy
There is

very little burn considering it is bottled at 60 proof.  It is light and leaves a
delightful sweetness in your mouth as opposed to any
sensation that you’ve just swallowed alcohol.  The burst of flavors match the chocolate and fruit scents,
but as the liqueur moves around your tongue, different characteristics
come and go.  Clove, licorice, rock candy, even mint flirt around your taste buds in a
mysterious way.  This is a very multi-layered liqueur.  I can see this
as a great after dinner drink or a cocktail mixer similar to Licor 43.
Overall, I was pleasantly surprised by the flavor profile and
smoothness.  I can recommend this to anyone looking for a new liqueur

Good Spirits Rating:  ***1/2
Love Potion #9 Website

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