GSN Review: Kahlua Coffee Cream

Ah, the taste of coffee!  Oh, the taste of cream!  Mmmm… the taste of a dessert liqueur!  Now you can get all three in one new product conveniently called Kalhua Coffee Cream.  This is a new limited edition product on the shelves, and the timing could not be better.  Creme liqueurs always taste better when there’s a chill in the air.There are a lot of Irish whiskey based creme liqueurs on the market, but the coffee
flavor makes this one shine.   Kahlua Coffee Cream is rich and sweet, but not overly so.  What impressed
me the most is how the bitterness of the coffee cuts through the
sugar.  Your mouth is left tingling with an almost
faint sense of gingerbread.  Flavors that are most prominent are
vanilla, cocoa bean, bittersweet chocolate, and hazelnut and of course, the
trademark Kahlua coffee flavor.  If I was served a glass of
this blindfolded, I would have said that it was probably a Starbucks Frappacino
with a shot of vodka added to it.

On the rocks or served slightly heated, I think this is a fine product and would recommend it to anyone looking for a new way to celebrate the holiday season in good spirits!

GSN Rating: *** (VSOP)

3 thoughts on “GSN Review: Kahlua Coffee Cream

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