Cocktail of the Week: Angel Heart

Angel Heart
1/2 oz Hibiscus Nectar
4 oz Sparkling Wine
5 drops Cinnamon tincture
Rose Petal Powder w/ sugarWet
rim of champagne flute with a fresh lemon wedge & coat w/ rose
petal powder/sugar by inserting upside down.  Pour hibiscus
nectar into champagne flute, add cinnamon tincture & fill w/
sparkling wine of choice.  Garnish w/ curly thin lemon zest.

nectar can be made simply by adding pint of boiling hot water to a
small handful of dried hibiscus petals.  After 5 minutes of stirring
frequently, strain out petals & add a pint of sugar.  Stir until
completely dissolved.

Cinnamon tincture can be made by infusing
a high-proof neutral spirit w/ cinnamon for as long as you like until
desired flavor (one or two weeks).

Rose petal powder and dried hibiscus can be purchased here:

Angel Heart was created by Tina Brandelli (Gather organic resto/bar in Berkeley) and Alex Smith (Smuggler’s Cove, San Francisco)

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