GSN Review: Cap-On Pourer

Wish you had a speed pourer that allowed you to cap the bottles at the end of the night?  Cheryl Charming sent me some samples of a new product called Cap-On® recently and I put them through the paces.  They really do work quite well and make for a more elegant and natural looking pour.  As well, they are more sanitary than most pourers.  The Cap-On®is meant to fit snugly into the bottle and is inexpensive enough to justify tossing when the bottle is empty.  Cheryl says there are about 20 different bars currently using this item, including Pat O’Briens, Margaritaville, Cantina and The Florida Room.  I think that speaks for itself, since most of these places do hundreds if not thousands of drinks each day.Good Spirits Rating: ***

The Cap-On® Liquor Pourer is available at

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