Good Spirits News 10.16.10

The New Esquire Cocktail By David WondrichMix one part each of Aperol, lemon or lime juice, and liqueur (okay, not Baileys or anything too dessertish) and three parts liquor (gin and tequila are particularly good here) and you’ll usually end up with a subtle, toothsome, and mysterious cocktail that’s not too sweet, not too dry, and utterly insinuating. It doesn’t work with everything: Johnnie Walker Black and green Chartreuse were a little challenging, but Old Fitzgerald and Southern Comfort made for a surprisingly bright and juicy cocktail, and Tanqueray and Drambuie — well, we had three of those.Dram-whoie? Gil (Serum) earned himself the top spot with the “Crossbow,” a perfect blend of Drambuie, Disaronno and white grape juice, served with an unconventional white grape garnish. It touched me in such a way that No. 47 on my bucket list now reads: Bathe in Gil’s “Crossbow” while a loin cloth-clad eunuch brushes my hair.

Drambuie cocktail competition comes to Boston Dave Delaney from The Citizen Wine Bar, who came in first place at Lucky’s Lounge, said that when creating his winning drink, the Highland Swizzle, he wanted to make smoke the main flavor focus. “I picked up some Lapsong Souchong Tea, which is a black tea that has been smoked over pine needles,” he said. “My first experiment was simply brewing the tea and adding a shot of Drambuie.  It was beautiful; they complimented each other perfectly.  Now was the challenge of making it into a cocktail.”


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