GSN Review: Vesica Vodka

The first thing I noticed about this vodka, was of course, the unique shape of the bottles.  Everyone who has seen these lined up on my liquor shelf has commented on how impressive they look.  Depending on whether you want a 750ml for personal use, a 1 liter for a small party, or a 1.75 liter for making punch; each bottle has it’s own personality.  Personally, my favorite is the 750ml because of the unique bottle hugging indentation.  But enough about the bottles.  What of the spirit within?

Vesica is different than most vodkas, being distilled only three times, to give it a deeper character and less “neutral” taste.  It reminded me of fresh rainwater.  The distillate quality is very nice, leaving a warm waxy feeling on your lips and gums.  Along with a typical vodka sweetness, there is a almost slightly smoky quality on the palate along with a heavy mineral quality which makes for a more bold cocktail.  The finish is clean, slightly citrusy and dry.

In a world of premium vodkas that cost anywhere from $30-80 a bottle, where does Vesica fit?  Amazingly enough, the price point starts at $10 for the 750ml and goes to $20 for the 1.75 liter.  You just can’t go wrong.  I personally recommend this as a mixer, rather than a straight spirit for a martini.  Mainly because of the extra body and earthiness which would cause a martini drinker to do a double take.  However, that being said, this will work in a variety of fruit based cocktails splendidly, along with the classic Bloody Mary.

GSN Rating:  *** (VSOP)

Find out more about Vesica on Facebook at VESICA

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