Good Spirits News 2.4.11

USBG Announces Winners of the Legacy of the Cocktail U.S. Finals Showcase Sponsored by Bacardi As the first place winner with exceptional execution of his cocktail, John Lermayer will represent the USA in the BACARDI Legacy of the Cocktail global finals in Sitges, Spain, in April with his cocktail titled, “Smugglers Fizz”. Second place finalist, Todd Appel, representing Piranha Brothers, Chicago was praised for his beautiful, consistent and well-balanced cocktail titled, “Dublin Pirate” that was an homage to the history of sugar cane spirits. Third place finalist, Cricket Nelson, representing Forge Miami presented an elegant cocktail featuring the modern flavor of sour oranges from a tree at her own home, creating an organic blend of ingredients from “the tree to the glass”.

Where to celebrate 2011 Pisco Sour Day In Lima, Peru this week? Here are several options for celebrating Pisco Sour Day.

The Moogarita: A Beef Cocktail Our research quickly uncovered the fact that there aren’t too many alcoholic concoctions containing beef, aside from variations of the Canadian classic, the Ceasar, which incorporate beef stock. Then Jenny had a revelation—tamarind, the sour-sweet fruit common to Mexican, Thai and Indian cooking. We’d had a tamarind tequila in Mexico a couple years ago, and knew the flavour would complement the rich, earthy taste of beef.  And so, after a bit more thinking, testing and drinking, the Moogarita was born: a combination of tequila, pure beef stock, tamarind, and lime-ginger syrup. And to beef it up even more, we garnished the drink with sticks of homemade jalapeno and lime beef jerky.

42 Below and USBG Carnival of the Cocktail Competition – Los Angeles Images from 42 Below and the U.S. Bartenders’ Guild Carnival of the Cocktail competition in Los Angeles.

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