Good Spirits News 2.8.11

Pernod Ricard and the boys of Beverage Alcohol Resource (Paul Pacult, Dale DeGroff, David Wondrich, Steve Olson, Doug Frost and Andy Seymour) announce they will require bartenders looking to participate in BAR’s five day certificate program to first complete the BarSmarts Advanced bartender training program. The first Advanced courses of 2011 will hit Denver in April and Boston in June, targeting bartender protégés committed to the profession. The Advanced program includes a selection of DVDs, workbook, equipment and sample certification tests, culminating in the full day BarSmarts Live. Advanced is invitation-only, but BarSmarts Wired offers any bartender an opportunity to participate and become certified through a web-based platform offered twice a year, open to interested candidates from February 1 through March 31, 2011. Check it out here.

Angels Draft – The Bacardi Legacy Matthew Dakers of Mahiki, London won the Bacardi Legacy UK Final held at the Freemasons Hall, the headquarters of the United Grand Lodge of England and the principal meeting place for Masonic Lodges in London.  Matthew’s drink, Angels’ Draft, was one of 3 drinks that won in 2010, picked from 7 regional winners, with the winning bartenders subsequently being given 1 year to promote their drink and make it into a new classic.  Matthew’s work revolved heavily around cocktail menu listings in great bars in cities such as Barcelona and London.  Scotland was represented by The Courtyard restaurant in Aberdeen and No. 40 cocktail bar in St Andrews.

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