Good Spirits News 2.14.11

Valentine’s Day Cocktails for Lovers and Cynics Even if you’re not a big fan of bubbly, you can still raise a glass on Valentine’s Day. These two cocktails will do the trick, whether you’re snuggling with your sweetheart or gathering a group of friends for dinner, getting engaged or smashing a giant heart-shaped pinata with a baseball bat, Jennifer Garner-style.

Maine Distilleries Announces Twenty Bartenders Selected To Compete At February 28th “2nd Annual Cold River Bartenders Bash” 20 bartenders will compete to create “The Ultimate Cold River Cocktail” at the February 28th event, and will vie for 1st-, 2nd- and 3rd-place cash prizes. Winners will be selected at the event based on “People’s Choice” ballots cast by guests. To liven the competition even more, another 10 well-known Maine bartenders will cast their own votes in a separate “Experts’ Choice” category. Invited expert judges hail from Back Street Bistro, Caiola’s, Figa, Foreside Tavern, Fuel, Henry and Marty Restaurant, The Hilton Garden Inn, Nosh Kitchen Bar, Solo Bistro and The Salt Exchange.

We Love Drinks: Todd Thrasher’s Preserved Cherries I made my first batch of them as soon as I could round up a cherry pitter and some cherries, based on the vagaries of supply and demand at Giant. And they were good, but they were salty. I had done something wrong. It didn’t matter that they were too salty, though, because the Social Chair and I polished them off with some dispatch. We had three problems, really: 1) that first batch was too salty; 2) supply is unpredictable and the cherry season is short; 3) the recipe says they’ll last for two weeks in the fridge, nowhere near as long as our own Manhattan season. So I decided the next batch would solve all three of those problems.

The Short Buzz: The Fame and Fortune of Virtual Intoxicology We, of the video game generation, have sought the glory of saving a princess while collecting a fortune in coins from question marked blocks for years. I grew up with video games. They were a part of my life since I opened my first Nintendo on Christmas morning when I was eight. Imagine my surprise all these years later when I discovered The Sims™ collection of games, where one can live virtually – and be challenged to ‘gain fame and fortune as a mixologist’.

Well-known bartender Cheryl Charming joins Bombay Club Charming had one condition before she would take the job: the Bombay Club had to let her completely revamp its menu. Known for its extensive list of “martinis,” Charming found the Bombay Club’s offerings too focused on modern drinks from the 1990s. The new menu includes cocktails from every era, starting with 1862 and ending with the innovations of today.  “The menu,” said Charming, “takes you through a timeline of the martini, and it educates you.”  Charming has also added a selection of both classic champagne cocktails and low-calorie drinks.

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