Good Spirits News 2.23.11

Updating some pre-Prohibition ‘Syracuse’ cocktails No doubt you’ve heard of the cocktail called the Manhattan. Maybe you’ve had a Singapore Sling or a Moscow Mule.  It’s unlikely you’ve ever come across the Syracuse Brace Up or the Syracuse Punch, much less something called the Syracuse Pousse Cafe.  Yet these drinks once existed, according to a book printed in Canada in 2009 called “Hotel and Saloon Supplies.” It is a reprint of a 1904 catalog produced by a Montreal company that was in the business of selling bar equipment.

Finalists announced for the North Meets South Cocktail Competition, March 25 The five finalists are:  Nathan Gerdes (H50 Bistro), Portland, OR, with his entry, The Stranded Spaniard.  Jeanette Napier (Aloft Hotel), Portland, OR, with her entry, Luna Cosecha.  David Shenaut (Beaker & Flask, Irving Street Kitchen), Portland, OR, with his entry, Jack Jack.  Mathias Simonis (Distil Milwaukee), Milwaukee, WI, with his entry, Wake Me Up B4 You Go, Go.  Max Solano (Emeril Restaurant), Las Vegas, NV, with his entry, The Yellow Canary.

How to Celebrate the Margarita, According to David Wondrich As it turns out, the margarita is worth celebrating, and not just for the obvious reason that “it’s really delicious,” as Wondrich says. “It’s sort of the last hired guy — the last indispensable cocktail. There are only a few more that everyone agrees is a classic: the Old Fashioned, the Manhattan, the Sidecar, the daiquiri. I don’t think there’s been a drink invented since that has reached that status.”

A Slot Machine That Rewards You With Alcohol Slot machine? Shot machine? In the case of the BarBot, it’s the same difference. As part of a contest, a collective known as NYC resistor spent 300 hours assembling this slot machine drink dispenser. Each of the three slot wheels has various cocktail ingredients, which tell the drink dispenser what to make after a combination has been locked in place (it’s programmed only to form combinations which make actual cocktails). Various liquors and mixers are connected via pressurized tubing powered by a microcontroller and solenoid valves. And to top it all off, it was given a Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas theme.


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