GSN Review: Berry Bros. & Rudd

Berry Brothers and Rudd have been wine and spirits merchants in London, UK since 1698.  Their customers have included King George III, Lord Byron and William Pitt.  The fact that they have withstood massive economic changes for over 300 years is testimony to their high business standards.  They have over the past three centuries created several of their own products, including Cutty Sark whisky which debuted in 1923.  They are now offering two more of their unique products in the former British colonies.

First up is their No.3 London Dry Gin, named for the James Street address of their flagship London store.  This gin has a fresh botanical nose, with high notes of juniper and raspberries and more subtle lemon citrus notes.  The tasting reveals additional flavors of creamy lemon custard, balanced with a trio of spices (cardamom, coriander and angelica).  The gin has a beautiful and creamy heart cut distillate which is exceptionally smooth.  Overall this is not as crisp as most London Drys, but offers a softer, more mellow profile.  This is a standout gin for mixed cocktails, working well with citrus fruits and dry vermouth.  GSN Rating: A-

Next we have The King’s Ginger – Created for King Edward VII in 1903, this is an elegant liqueur.  The nose has an intriguing honeyed, ginger perfume with a light lemon peel scent.  The mouth feel is thick and viscous with a sugary ginger heat, leaving a long, rich, warming quality.  I was reminded Grand Marnier in this aspect, and indeed King’s Ginger would make an interesting replacement for curacao in a cocktail.  The long fadeout consists of warming orange and a slight bittersweet finish.  Refreshing and a perfect digestif.  Try this in your next Hot Toddy instead of simple syrup for an extra burst of heat.  GSN Rating: A

Learn more about Berry Bros. & Rudd products HERE

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