Cocktail of the Week: Scotch Lassie

This week’s cocktail is entered in Mixology Monday‘s contest, hosted this month by Spirited Remix.

There are so few Scotch based cocktails and this one has had a lot of positive feedback, that I thought I might as well share it with the rest of the world.  My inspiration was Mamie Taylor (the cocktail, not the woman).  Here’s an early reference to it’s popularity:

A New York man has introduced a new drink to Philadelphia; at least, he says it’s new. It is concocted of cracked ice, Scotch whisky, the juice of a lime and a bottle of ginger ale. The New Yorker invited Edward Green, of Texas, son of Hetty Green, to sample it, remarking as the statesman from Texas tasted it: “That’s the newest drink out.”  “Probably it is in New York,” said Green, “but they have been using it in Texas for 30 years. We used to call it ‘The Scotch Lassie.’ What do you call it?” “A ‘Mamie Taylor’,” said the New Yorker.   From the “Mixer and Server,” 15th July 1900

Here’s my recipe:

Scotch Lassie

2 oz. Famous Grouse
1 oz. Domaine de Canton
0.75 oz lime juice
½ tsp Apry
1.5 oz Prosecco

Pour all but Prosecco into ice filled rocks glass, stir; then add Prosecco and stir again.  Garnish with a plaid lime wedge.

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