GSN Review: Hiram Walker Caramel Apple Liqueur

Hiram Walker Caramel Apple Liqueur (30 proof) – Hard to believe, but Hiram Walker has been making liqueurs for over 150 years now.  Their latest is a State Fair flavored endeavor called Caramel Apple.  As a kid, I loved these.  My dentist did, too.  Unfortunately, I’ve had to give up this tasty treat.  But now, thanks to the good folks at H.W., I can drink one.  Or at least that’s the idea.

The color is less caramel brown and more of a medium yellow.  The nose is an intriguingly strong mixture of green apple candy and milk caramel promising a kind of alcoholic Jolly Rancher.  The flavor unfortunately doesn’t live up to the nose, being rather more like a very mildly flavored rock candy syrup than a liqueur.  The apple flavor is quite distant, with the sugar level itself overpowering most of the subtlety of the apple.  There is a caramel flavor with a hint of cinnamon as well, but what really gets my attention is the overall sweetness.  This would be good as an addition to hot cider, or as a replacement for sugar in a hot toddy, but as a liqueur itself, I feel it falls short of what it was aiming for.  GSN Rating: C

For more information on the vast array of Hiram Walker products, visit their website at:

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