GSN Review: Great Lakes Distillery KinnicKinnic Whiskey

KinnicKinnic Whiskey (86 proof) –  The word Ojibwe word kinnickinnic means “what is mixed”, so I already had an idea of what to expect from this whiskey.  However, it’s an unusual North meets South blend of Kentucky straight whiskey made by an unnamed major player in the bourbon field and aged for a minimum of four years, together with a barely aged malt whiskey made by Great Lakes Distilling.  In addition, they do no filtration of the blend, so as to increase the flavor profile.

Visually, it has a burnished copper color with cloudy particulates, no doubt due to the lack of filtration.  The nose is pleasant with notes of wet straw, toffee, spice, caramel, bicycle tire, and tanned leather.  The flavor is somewhat bitter with a lot of wood up front.  Some smoke and funky vegetal qualities similar to what you get in a white dog moonshine, hit the mid-palate.  Not at all sweet like a bourbon, this is more akin to a very young lightly peated scotch.  I think it could do with a longer aged Kentucky whiskey to smooth out some of the wrinkles.  Overall, a unique product.  GSN Rating: B-

More information about Great Lakes Distilling can be found at:

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