GSN Review: Don Q Pasión Rum

Don Q Pasión Rum (60 proof) –  On my recent trip to Puerto Rico, I had the opportunity to sample several different Don Q rums.  Their latest release uses the natural flavor and extraction of locally island grown passionfruits.  If you’re wondering what Puerto Rico might be like if it were summed up in a spirit, then I think you need look no further.

Visually, it is crystal clear, which makes a nice change from some of the artificially neon colored liquors I’ve seen glaring at me from the bottom shelves of my local alcohol warehouse.  The nose is fruity and tropical with a natural passionfruit character that is immediate and present.  The flavor is more subtle, coming through more on the finish than up front.  But, the character of a fresh slice of passionfruit is evident.   I was surprised at the almost tannic quality that plays off the sweetness of the rum, giving it a more mature edge.  Unlike other flavored rums I’ve had, Don Q Pasión seems more natural, laid back and much less cloying than other fruit rums.  With Don Q expanding their repertoire on a seemingly yearly basis, I look forward to tasting more rums like this in the future!  GSN Rating: B+

For more information about Don Q Pasión, go to:

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