GSN Review: Rehorst Vodka

Rehorst Vodka (80 proof) –  The great thing about vodka is that it can be made from any fermentable source.  Rehorst vodka uses a unique blend of Red Wheat and Red Wheat malt which is distilled three times.  The Great Lakes Distillery makes a number of spirits, but this was their first on the market and they’ve had time to hone their “cutting” skills.  In five short years, they’ve won numerous awards and have increased their distribution across the U.S.  Read on to learn more about their flagship spirit.

The appearance is perfectly clear.  The nose has a funky quality similar to white dog topped with high vanilla and cream notes.  The taste is clean with a lot of caramel cream center which quickly moves into black peppercorn, green pepper, celery tops, a very slight accent of citrus pith, and very young un-aged distilled malt.  This is an unusual vodka in that it has a lot more character than most on the market who spend way too much time re-distilling, until the spirit is lifeless.  Because of the extra character inherent in Rehorst vodka, it will conflict with the vermouth in a Kangaroo (or vodka martini) , but will work well with Lillet Blanc and other softer wine based products.  Used as a cocktailian canvas on which to hang other spirits and liqueurs, it will really shine.  GSN Rating: B+

For more information on Rehorst Vodka and other Great Lakes Distillery products go to:

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