GSN Review: Glen Garioch Founder’s Reserve Scotch Whisky

With new distilleries opening on a seemingly daily basis somewhere in the world, it’s nice to know that there are still some which have been around for a few centuries.  Glen Garioch (pronounced “geery”) was founded in 1797 and is located about 20 minutes from Aberdeen, Scotland in the town of Oldmeldrum.  Historically, the town was known for its excellent beer production due to the large supply of locally grown grains and spring water.  This made for an obvious transition into whisky distillation.  The whisky sent to GSN for review is their flagship non chill-filtered, 12-year-old, which has been made using the same grain bill and aging process since the distillery first opened over 200 years ago.

Glen Garioch Founder’s Reserve (96 proof)
Color: Fine pale gold color.
Nose: Rich and spicy with smoke and burnt honey.
Taste: Initial taste has elements of hazelnut, walnut and medium smoked malt.  Mid-palate has wood notes with a dry and tangy bitterness.
Finish: Nicely sweet and smokey.  Lasting notes are toffee-like.  For such a high alcohol content, this is remarkably smooth, yet a wee bit o’ water will open it up even more and round out the rough edges.
GSN Rating: A-


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