GSN Week in Review: Dec. 26-31, 2011

Editorial: This is of course, the time of year when people suddenly decide they need to make all kinds of changes in their lives for one reason or another.  Virtually 90% of those resolutions fall by the wayside within the first month.  I believe it’s because they list way too many things they want to do or change.  Think of how many cocktails you’ve had to learn on your bar’s menu, and you get the idea.  Of course, it can be done, but only with real focus and dedication.  It’s much easier to memorize a dozen cocktails by simple ratios (a 3-2-1 ratio for instance).

Where is this all leading?  Well, I think we need to limit our resolutions (ingredients) to three.  More than that and things tend to get complicated and it can seem like too much work to achieve the end result (think molecular mixology).  Start there.  Then think of the ratio (amount of time/days of week) that you can realistically devote to these new resolutions.  Be honest, you probably won’t be able to do the same thing for an hour every day of the week.  Just as in cocktails, variety is the spice of life.  So are new developing habits.  Too much of the same thing, quickly makes it feel boring and uncreative.  You may discover that in order to keep the resolutions, you need to mix them up in small doses.  Which, again leads me to the cocktail.

The cocktail was designed to be a short, quick drink to brace the bon vivant for the potential vagaries and difficulties of the day.  Far better to have one or two short drinks, than try to empty a bowl of punch on your own (heaven forbid!).  Thus, take things in moderation and don’t over do it.  You will have much greater success, and not wake up the next day regretting your actions of the day before.  Best of luck to you, and I’ll see you on the other side of 2011!

Cheers!  Blair

Quote of the Week: “The Nigori Milk Punch, the Mount Vernon, the Kina Miele — those are, like, the super-advanced level drinks. They’re the fetish cocktails for the people who already have a humongous collection of booze, and are bored, and are like, ‘I do have 100 bucks to blow on an obscure bottle of honey distillate.” – Jim Meehan

Winners of the week:  Junior Ryan   Bacardi UK Legacy competition finalists   CLASS Award Winners   The PDT Cocktail Book

Trends:   Tom & Jerry   Two Ingredient Cocktails   Smoking Cocktails   Amazing Garnishes   Punches   Drink Trends for 2012   Sourcing Hard to Find Cocktail Ingredients    Sweet Vermouth    Famous Hangover Cures

Events: New Year’s Eve

New Spirits of note: Best Spirits & Liqueurs of 2011

Cool barware & books:  The Sourtoe Cocktail Club

Website of the week:  Museum of the American Cocktail

Interview of the Week: Tad Carducci

Cocktail of the week:  New Year’s Drop by Aisha Sharpe

5 oz Hendrick’s Gin
.75 oz Crème de cassis
Glass: Shot and highball

Add the gin and crème de cassis to a mixing glass and fill with ice. Stir, and strain into a 1.5-oz shot glass. Fill a highball glass two-thirds of the way with Champagne and then carefully drop in the shot.

Video of the Week

Picture of the Week

Syracuse Herald – Jan 1, 1911

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