Imbibing Mr. Boston: Abbey Cocktail

Interestingly enough, the Abbey Cocktail (circa 1930) is the very first one listed in the Savoy Cocktail Book, and the earliest appearance I can find of this classic British drink.  The version in Mr. Boston is a vastly different recipe however, leaving out the Lillet Blanc altogether and using orange bitters in favor of Angostura.  This is a great brunch drink with a bittersweet flavor profile.  Light, refreshing and yet also herbal. Very gin forward in spite of a hefty portion of fresh squeezed orange juice.   This could be due to the Tanqueray that I chose to use, which tends towards more herbal characteristics than Beefeater, let’s say.  The garnish of a Luxardo Maraschino cherry makes for a nice sweet finish, and closes the drink appropriately.

1.5 oz gin
1 oz orange juice
1 dash orange bitters
Garnish: maraschino cherry

Shake with ice and strain into chilled cocktail glass.  Add cherry.

Abbey Cocktail


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