GSN Review: Atlantico Rums

Most people think of rum as a by-product of the sugar industry.  Take some molasses, ferment it, distill it, age it, and voila, rum.  That’s true to some extent, but there can be other processes involved.  Atlantico from the Dominican Republic marries a unique blend of a molasses rum and a cane juice based rum to create something truly special.  The whole procedure from start to finish is quite lengthy as they age both of the rums in separate barrels for 2-3 years, then blend them together and age them for another 2 years.  Lastly, and this is truly unique, they age this new blend yet again in a solera system for up to 15 years.  So, you’re getting a wide range of agings that ultimately become a blended family.  Just before bottling, Atlantico puts a bit of aged Aguardiente into the blend.  Aguardiente is a lower proof sugar cane based spirit that has a fresh and vegetal nose and flavor.  It certainly pays off, as all three of their rums are excellent.

Atlantico Platino Rum (80 proof) – Visual: Perfectly clear.
Nose: Sweet, creamy, luscious with vanilla and sugar frosting.
Taste: Exceptionally creamy and light with notes of whipped cream.  There’s a hint of rainwater as well.
Finish:  A lingering sweetness which has a clean and pleasant finish.
GSN Rating: A-

Atlantico Reserva Rum (80 proof) – Visual: Rich and clear gold.
Nose: Golden delicious coffecake scent.  Fresh pâtisserie and elegant high notes of spun sugar.
Taste:  Smooth and rich with hints of powdered sugar, churros, and pecan pie.
Finish:  Satisfying, with a pleasant warming quality that leaves a toffee-like finish.  A beautiful distillate perfectly aged to create a balanced and lovely rum.
GSN Rating: A

Atlantico Private Cask Rum (80 proof) – Visual: Bright and clear copper.
Nose: Dark and rich, with raisin and fig notes.
Taste: Super sweet with heavy brown sugar and a hint of cinnamon.
Finish:  Long and heavy with a lot of caramel.
GSN Rating: A

For more information go to: Atlantico Rum


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