GSN Review: Jameson Select Reserve Black Barrel

Jameson Select Reserve Black Barrel (80 proof) – Jameson’s needs no introduction, as it is the best selling Irish Whiskey, and one of the top selling spirits in the world.  However, this is a new and rare product that deserves a few additional words. First off it is a blend of Irish pot still whiskey and rare small batch grain whiskey, which is matured in ex-bourbon barrels and toasted sherry casks for about 12 years. What is most unusual tho’ is that it is only distilled only one day each year and then it’s gone until the next year.  For 2012 it’s being marketed throughout New York State.  However, it is available for shipping to many other states HERE.

Visual:  Beautiful straw gold.
Nose: Definite notes of malt with a slight smokiness. Sweet and somewhat bitter with a lot of spice.
Taste: Ultra smooth with a much darker and very slight molasses quality with none of the high notes of citrus found in the flagship Jamesons.  This is rich and deep with a lot of body.  Well done.
Finish: There’s a lot of lingering gingerbread and cinnamon with black pepper and burnt sugar.  There’s also a tannic quality which leaves your mouth feeling a bit dry, probably from the extra wood of the aging.

GSN Rating: A-

For more information on Jameson Select Reserve Black Barrel go to:

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