GSN Review: Milagro Unico Tequila

One of the latest trends in the Tequila world seems to be the removal of color from a barrel aged agave spirit, rendering it perfectly clear.  Why?  I’m not sure.  Maybe they’re trying to appeal to the vodka market.  Unico (“the only one”) is the latest product in this small but growing sub-category.  The tequila is first micro-distilled by the Milagro family in batches that yield 1-liter of spirit for every 13-kilos of agave.  This is about 1/7 of the normally yield.  So, by doing simple math, this one process is going to cost seven times as much.  No surprise then, that the tequila retails for $300 a bottle.  This silver tequila is then blended with some aged Milagro and filtered through a proprietary process to remove the color and oxygenated to “enhance the blend.” Finally it is poured into an ultra slender hand blown glass bottle with the familiar Milagro glass agave plant embedded into the bottom.  Is all this effort worth it?  Read on…

Milagro Unico (80 proof)
Visual: Very slight yellow tint giving it a Tourmaline color.
Nose: Super heavy roasted agave nose with a touch of mint, clove, white pepper, blackberry, rice vinegar, and leather.
Taste: Exceptionally smooth with a refreshing mouthfeel.  Hints of tobacco, burnt caramel, grilled steak, sea salt, roasted grapefruit and walnut.  You can definitely tell this is tequila, but it is filled with an unusual variety of subtle flavors not usually found in a silver, reposado or anejo.
Finish: Fairly short, but with a lingering smokiness which leaves your mouth somewhat dry.
GSN Rating: A

Milagro Unico is not available at press time, but will released in a limited edition of 1,000 bottles during the first quarter of 2012.  For more info go to:  Milagro Tequila

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