GSN Review: Cockspur Rums

Barbados is considered by some to be the birthplace of Rum Bullion, the firey predecessor to rum.  No wonder then, that over a century later, Cockspur is recognized as one of the best rums on the market.  For over 125 years they’ve been creating a blend of single and double distilled column and pot still rums aged in used American Bourbon barrels.  The flagship five-star rum is aged for 3 years and the Bajan crafted is aged 4 to 17 years.  Bajan, by the way, is short for Barbadian.  Now you know.  Both rums are diluted with coral filtered water from the island, making them unique among all rums produced in Barbados.

The Cockspur Fine makes for a great punch, and the Bajan 12 is fantastic as a sipping rum.

Cockspur Fine Rum (80 proof)

Visual: Dark amber copper.
Nose: Sweet sugary sweetness, bright and full of creme brulee notes.  Appetizing.
Taste: Medium body with a pleasant and well balanced sweetness.  Vanilla, caramel and hints of molasses.  Sugared nut and white sugar glaze.
Finish: Long and with some bitter notes towards the end.  There is a good deal of body here, making this a good rum for tropical cocktails and tiki drinks.
GSN Rating: B+

Cockspur Bajan Crafted 12 (80 proof)

Visual: Dark cinnamon brown.
Nose: Dark molasses notes with toasted nuts and dried orange peel.
Taste: Ultra smooth with deep and rich brown sugar notes.  Some spiciness with tannic wood and dried stone fruit.
Finish: Long lasting sweetness with a nutbread character.  Some sweet tobacco and tealeaf.
GSN Rating: A-

For more information go to: Cockspur Rum

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