GSN Review: Geranium Premium London Dry Gin

A lot of new gins are coming onto the market every day it seems.  Herbally aggressive ones like Hendrick’s and Bulldog; old world styles, like Bols Genever and Ransom Old Tom; still others made by breweries like Anchor’s Junipero and Rogue’s Spruce Gin.  Only very rarely do I find a gin that is both unique and excels beyond the norm.  Geranium gin happens to be one of them.

Geranium is made in Jolly Olde England by macerating a blend of 10 fresh and dried botanicals for 48 hours in a neutral grain spirit.  It is then distilled in a century old copper pot still.  Finally it is brought down to 44 percent alcohol by adding pure water.  The quality shows, as Geranium has won several high-profile awards in the past three years.  They get my highest rating as well.  To find out why, read on…

Geranium Premium London Dry Gin (88 proof)
Visual: Absolutely crystal clear.
Nose: A lot of juniper with bright and high citrus notes.  The floral quality is subtle but adds a warm depth that is reminiscent of bison grass.
Taste: Definitely a London style gin, with a lot of crisp and dry juniper notes.  Fresh herbs and spices add a peppery quality, but everything is so balanced that this is one of the softest gins I’ve had the pleasure of tasting.  A top shelf gin that will work equally well in a Martini or a gin based cocktail.
Finish: Medium-long with traces of minerals coming through at the end.
GSN Rating: A+

For more information go to: Geranium Gin

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