GSN Review: Bitter End Chesapeake Bay & Curry Bitters

Bitter End continue their extensive product line with two new bitters based on the regional flavors of the Atlantic Coast and India.  Read my previous review of their other product line here.

Chesapeake Bay Bitters – A major hit of cayenne and black pepper perk things up immediately, but as time goes on a touch of bay leaf comes through.  These are intense and not more than a dash is needed, unless you’re going for a lot of fire.  Perfect in a Bloody Mary, these can also add an interesting touch of heat to fruit based rum drinks.  GSN Rating: A

Curry Bitters – Again, a lot of heat here, but softer and with the unique flavor of an Indian curry.  These will work well with coconut water or coconut rum cocktails, adding a piquant texture.  Not recommended for use with coconut cream however, as the high sugar content will conflict with the spice.  The curry flavor itself tastes good and has an authentic flavor.  GSN Rating: A-

For more information go to: Bitter End


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