GSN Review: Alchemia Infused Vodkas

I’ve had plenty of flavored vodkas over the years, and believe me when I say that only a handful have ever excited me.  Getting natural and tasteful fruit flavors in a vodka generally seems to be a rarity.  More often than not, there is an artificial or metallic quality that ruins it for me.  So, when the Good Spirits News desk received two rather impressive looking hand blown bottles of infused vodka, I was intrigued.

Alchemia uses a thrice distilled Polish vodka and then infuses the fruit, chocolate or root (they also make a ginger vodka) to create a far more natural and artisanal spirit than the usual vodka + extract method.  As well, the vodka is aged in oak along with the ingredients to give it even more character. So, don’t expect a crystal clear vodka, as the ingredients and oak color the vodka and give it a rich liqueur-like appearance.   I guess in the end, it really isn’t vodka any more, but something else entirely.  And you know what? That’s not a problem.

Alchemia Wild Cherry Infused Vodka (80 proof)

Visual: Dark port red.
Nose: Rich and dark natural cherry.
Taste: Thick and more viscous than a typical vodka.  Intense blast of natural tart cherry flavor with no artificial overtones.
Finish: Bright and dry, with a medium-long finish.  Elegant and in the elan of a liqueur.
Overall: This is a really nice cherry vodka, beating many others I’ve had that taste like cough syrup.  Not only good for sipping, this makes for an interesting alternative to Cherry Heering.  Try it in a Singapore Sling and see what you think.
GSN Rating: A

Alchemia Ginger Infused Vodka (80 proof)
Visual: Very slight golden tinge.
Nose: Spicy with high notes of orange citrus. Fresh cut ginger.
Taste: Light and fresh ginger juice flavor with low heat. The level of sweetness is low enough that if you mix this with ginger ale, it won’t be overly cloying.
Finish: A bit of residual metallic and mineral flavor that leaves some bitterness.
Overall:  A good vodka to use as a mixer in a cocktail, but it lacks a enough character to be a straight sipping vodka.
GSN Rating: B-

Alchemia Chocolate Infused Vodka (80 proof)

Visual: Rich warm brown color.
Nose: Hot chocolate.
Taste: Delicate, with a milk chocolate flavor.  No graininess or overly cloying sweetness.  Rather dry and quite balanced.
Finish: Fairly short, but with a natural and satisfactory finish..
Overall:  A great vodka for a chocolate martini, but also as a higher proof alternative to dark creme de cacao.
GSN Rating: A-

For more information go to: Alchemia

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