Tales of the Cocktail® Announces the 2012 Cocktail Apprentice Program Scholarship Recipients

Tales of the Cocktail®, the world’s premier cocktail festival which is approaching its milestone 10th anniversary, created the Cocktail Apprentice Program Scholarship funded with $25,000 in grants which is awarded to former Tales of the Cocktail® Cocktail Apprentice Team members.

“The Cocktail Apprentice Scholarship Program is one of many that result from our efforts with Tales of the Cocktail®, which provide continuing benefits to the Industry,” commented Paul G. Tuennerman, co-founder of Tales of the Cocktail®. “We recognize that these Programs provide a discerning point of differentiation and as such, we take tremendous pride in being able to provide for those in our Industry, in this unique manner.

Grants are given to past members through an extensive multi-step selection process. Recipients are funded for different projects ranging from expanding their experiences and careers in the cocktail and beverage industry to educating and supporting colleagues.

After the Tales of the Cocktail® 2011 celebration in New Orleans, former Cocktail Apprentices submitted applications to receive funding for a wide variety of projects such as book publications and the development of beverage education centers to educational excursions and creating digital historical recipe archives.

Click here to view Scholarship Winners


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