GSN Review: Heering Coffee Liqueur

It takes exactly two cups of coffee for me to be awake enough to face the day.  By the end of my day, if I still crave the taste of coffee, I usually find it in alcoholic form.  Hey, I grew up with Black and White Russians.  But, thankfully, my taste buds grew beyond one-dimensional coffee based cocktails.  Unfortunately, there hasn’t been a lot of choice available to coffee-loving imbibers other than the ubiquitous Kahlua until recently.

Most of my readers are familiar with Cherry Heering (which thankfully, does not actually include any herring), since it is a crucial ingredient in the Singapore Sling.  The venerable Peter Heering company is now branching out with this new release, and manage to create a product in the same dark and luscious vein that defines their flagship product.  Good stuff!

Heering Coffee Liqueur (70 proof)

Visual: Dark roasted coffee appearance.
Nose: A lot of alcohol on the nose with coffee running a close second.  Reminiscent of Tiramisu.
Taste: Sweet, viscous, with a lot of dark chocolate and coffee bean flavonoids.  Rich and with some heat.
Finish: Somewhat dry and powdery with a bittersweet chocolate edge.
Overall: Typically one dimensional, but for a chocolate liqueur quite well done and with a very natural flavor.  Great for use in a chocolate based dessert or as a shot in an after dinner coffee.
GSN Rating: B

For more information go to: Coffee Heering

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