GSN Review: Patron XO Cafe Dark

“I love coffee, I love tea, I love the java jive and it loves me…”  Ah, the classic lyrics of the 1941 Ink Spots tune.  I do love my coffee every morning, but in general I have it sans alcohol.  For those looking for the flavor of coffee in a liqueur, there are several choices out there.  However, this is the first one that I’m aware of that is made with tequila as a base.  It seems a natural choice, since coffee is one of those flavors you often find in Mexican foods.   However, this particular blending doesn’t work quite as well as expected.  Read on to find out why….

Patron XO Cafe Dark (60 proof)
Visual: Very dark chocolate brown.
Nose: An unusual mix of cocoa and agave.  There is an almost funky quality that is similar to root beer or an herbal tea.
Taste: An initial blast of hot cocoa gives way in seconds to a touch of silver tequila, then back to a more syrupy and sweet candy chocolate flavor.  Coffee flavor seems to be missing.  It doesn’t know what it’s trying to communicate.
Finish: There is a lot of residual sugar, but very little of the coffee or tequila flavor comes through.
Overall: The flavor seems natural, but the high sugar content overwhelms both the coffee and the tequila.  I’d recommend this as a boost to coffee or as an ingredient in a dessert.
GSN Rating: C+

For more information go to: Patron

2 thoughts on “GSN Review: Patron XO Cafe Dark

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