GSN: Review Lulu B Low-Cal Cocktails

We here at Good Spirits News are firm believers in making cocktails from scratch with fresh ingredients, but every once in a while the thought of all of those calories gets us to looking at our waistline.  So, with that in mind, we decided to try a few new low-cal products on the market and see how they fared taste-wise.

Lulu B. makes three classic cocktail flavors: Margarita, Cosmo and Mojito, as well as a Chocolate Martini.  I had the opportunity to try two of them.  Each one is made with natural flavors and is low in carbohydrates.  The recommended dose per drink is 1.5 oz, but that makes for a pretty skimpy cocktail, so I simply doubled the amount in my glass.

All of them are recommended to either be served on the rocks or chilled and straight up.  I recommend the latter, as they get quite weak and watered down with the addition of ice.  On the plus side, they use real spirits and not malt liquor or wine as a base.


Lulu B Chocolate Martini (30 proof)
Visual: Clear
Nose: Definitely chocolate.
Taste: Rather than a grainy chocolate mouthfeel, there is a smooth milk chocolate flavor.  Not too intense, nor too alcoholic.
Finish: Fairly short and leaving a light chocolatey sweetness in your mouth.
Overall: Rather one-dimensional, but alright considering it’s a pre-mix.
GSN Rating: B

Lulu B Margarita (25.4 proof)
Visual: Lightly green (as in a Margarita).
Nose: Lime and tequila agave.
Taste: I was surprised at how natural the flavor is.  It really does taste like a margarita, albeit a fairly weak one.  I felt it was better with a squeeze of fresh lime juice to brighten it up a bit.  As well, since it is low proof, I added some vodka to boost the body.  Of course, this defeated the purpose of having a low-cal drink in the first place, but I enjoy experimenting.
Finish: Short and with a lingering natural margarita flavor.
Overall: This uses Stevia as a sweetening agent, but as I mentioned, I think it could use some more lime.  For a pre-mix, low-cal drink, this is very well done (the best I’ve had), so in its category, it is top-notch.
GSN Rating: A

For more information go to: Lulu B


3 thoughts on “GSN: Review Lulu B Low-Cal Cocktails

  1. I was skeptical about the mojito, but I’ve wanted to buy a bottled mojito for the past… several months, and haven’t been able to find bacardi bottled mojitos or smirnoff bottled mojitos anywhere within the past year. So I tried this mojito (Lulu’s mojito), and as suspected, it lacks flavor to the extent that it’s not even worth consuming. Just gross. I’m a fan of diet sodas and things like that, but this low calorie mojito is just a waste of alcohol consumption. Disgusting. Tastes like watered down minty water with a hint of fermentation.

  2. I have had your chocolate martini and would like to buy some but can’t find in Kansas would like to know if I can buy it on a website.

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