Imbibing Mr. Boston: Aqueduct Cocktail

It’s a funny thing about the origin of cocktail names.  Sometimes they are so obscure as to be positively mystifying.  Aqueduct cocktail?  Reminds me of an old Marx Brothers routine.  But, there are at least two reasonable theories to the origin of this drink that  seem to have at least some credence.

The first is that if you use blue Curacao in this drink, the color resembles the lovely blue/green water that flowed through the impressive ancient Roman arches.  The second is that it is named after a popular horse track in Queens, NY.  Thus, it is a northern cousin to the ubiquitous southern racing season staple of the Mint Julep.  Whatever the case may be, this is one extremely tasty drink.  Not only that, but it is a cousin to the Margarita and Sidecar in its flavor profile, so if you’re looking for a new favorite cocktail in that vein, this is it!

1.5 oz vodka
0.75 oz lime juice
0.5 oz white Curacao or triple sec
0.5 oz apricot-flavored brandy
garnish: orange twist

Shake with ice and strain into chilled cocktail glass.  Add orange twist.


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