Marie Brizard USA Cocktail Challenge NYC Semifinal Winner

The winner of the Marie Brizard USA Cocktail Challenge NYC Semifinal is… James Menite of Crown Restaurant, with his winning cocktail, “Made!” James received a complimentary trip to the 10th Annual Tales of the Cocktail this July in New Orleans where he will be competing against top mixologists and bartenders from across the country who will all be preparing their original Marie Brizard cocktail to be sampled and judged by an expert panel for a chance to participate at the annual Marie Brizard International Bartender Seminar and Competition in Bordeaux, France.

The Runner-Up was Aaron Butler of Experimental Cocktail Club LES with his cocktail, “Letter of Marque.” Third place went to Gabriel Zahriyeh of The Empire Hotel with her cocktail, “Rug Bum.”

FIRST PLACE: The “Made” cocktail (James Menite)

Quantity in Oz.


Brand Name

 1  Marie Brizard Anisette  Marie Brizard
 .5  Cynar
 .5  Luxardo maraschino liqueur
 .5  great Italian espresso
.5  egg white infused with coffee beans

Star anise garnish with drop of Italian honey topped with shaved meyer lemon

Glass: Standard Coupe

Garnish: Star anise, Italian honey, Shaved Meyer lemon.

Directions: Dry shake all ingredients. Then add kold draft ice. Shake vigorously . Strain into chilled coupe. Add garnish of star anise, droplet of Italian honey on center of anise, then shaved meyer lemon zest on top of the drink. Enjoy

RUNNER-UP: “Letter of Marque” (Aaron Butler)

Quantity in Oz.


Brand Name

 .75  Apricot  Marie Brizard
 1.25  Gin  Plymouth
 .75  Amaro  Meletti
 .25  Fresh Lemon Juice
 1 oz Float  East India Pale Ale  Brooklyn
 2 dashes  Bitters  Peychauds
Glassware  Double Rocks
Description of Garnish  Lemon peel
Preparation (Circle one) Shaker

THIRD PLACE: “Rug Bum” (Gabriel Zahriyeh)

Quantity in Oz.


Brand Name

 2  Chocolate Chai tea infused Vanilla Vodka Sobieski
.5  Marie Brizard Orange Marie Brizard
 2  Pomegranate Juice  Meletti

Glassware: Rocks Glass

Description of Garnish: Pomegranates and Anise Star, and Ferraro Rocher

Preparation:  (Shaker)      Mixing Glass      “Built in Glass”


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