GSN Review: Marie Brizard Chocolat Royal

Marie Brizard is just a product name to many people, but in fact, she was a real person with an interesting story.  Born in Bordeaux, France (where the company is still based) in 1714, she lived an apparently unexciting life until she turned 40.  That year, while walking across the Place Royale, she happened upon a fever ridden West Indian sailor whom she took pity on and brought into her home.  Apparently, she either had the means or the skills to heal him, because in return for her kindness, he shared with her the recipe for an aniseed liqueur which became her namesake and made her fortune in the years to come.

In less than ten years, she and her nephew had established a sizable company which created a wide variety of products including not only anisette, but parfait amour, cedar liqueur and Creme de Barbade.  Today, some of these are unfortunately no longer produced, but on the up side, they’ve expanded their line to almost 30 fruit, herb and nut liqueurs.  Their latest, Chocolat Royal, is made from high grade cocoa beans and no artificial flavors or colors.

Marie Brizard Chocolat Royal (34 proof)
Visual: Thick and grainy dark brown.
Nose: Dark milk chocolate.
Taste: Thick and creamy with a lot of medium chocolate notes, similar to a chocolate shake.  Natural and milky.
Finish: The chocolate flavor retreats somewhat quickly, leaving a dry and bright cocoa aftertaste.
Overall: One of the better chocolate liqueurs I’ve had.  A great addition to your dessert drink arsenal.  Also great on the rocks, as the flavors open up with a bit of chilled water.
GSN Rating: B+

For more information go to:  Marie Brizard

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