GSN at Tales 2012: Lesson One (Connections)

Well, after a delay with my airlines due to President Obama flying in to New Orleans at the same time as I, (different plane tho’), I made it down late Wednesday afternoon.  I immediately checked in to registration at the Hotel Monteleone and hastily strolled down to the Napoleon House for a few drinks crafted by the inestimable Jim Meehan.  It sure was good to have a cocktail in NOLA again!  After only a few minutes, I ran into my fellow blogger and friend, Stephanie Jerzy and her co-worker Kayla Joyce.  Check out their stuff here.  One of the realizations I’ve made after my trips to Tales and other cocktail events, is that even though I have a huge circle of friends in this business, I don’t often get to see them very often.  So, lesson number one of Tales is that it is first and foremost a way to connect and reconnect with others.  And what better way to do it, than over a few drinks?

Here’s a picture of new friend Kayla, myself and Stephanie.

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