GSN Review: Olmeca Altos Tequila

As all lovers of fine tequila know, the best tequilas come from 100% Blue Weber agave.  Olmeca Altos stands out amongst the competition by using the traditional Tahona method of expressing the agave juice and syrup.  What is Tahona, you ask?  It involves a 4000 pound millstone made from volcanic rock called a Tezontle which crushes the cooked agave in much the same way a millstone grinds wheat.  There are very few distilleries still using this method as it is both time-consuming and rather old-fashioned.  But, when it comes to making fine spirits, all the extra effort and care is worth it.

On a personal note, this tequila recipe was masterminded by fellow bartenders Dre Masso and Henry Besant, along with Master Distiller Jesús Hernández.  So, in a real sense this tequila is designed for mixologists.

Olmeca Altos Plata Tequila (80 proof)
Visual: Perfectly clear.
Nose: Fresh cut agave, sweet rock candy, herbaceous spice with a hint of green pepper.
Taste: Bright, fresh and almost effervescent with tinges of candied ginger.  Pepper comes through immediately, but soon fades to agave and mint.
Finish: Long and with a tannic clarity that is unusual for a young tequila. At the far end of the spectrum lies a caramel finish.
Overall: Perfect for shots, Margaritas, Frostbite cocktails, what have you.  Very versatile and classy.
GSN Rating: A

Olmeca Altos Reposado Tequila (80 proof)
Visual: Pale honey gold.
Nose: Barrel aged agave with a smokey sweetness.  Caramel creams, toast, and autumnal leaves on a sunny day.
Taste: Initially an almost burnt marshmallow quality with a lot of ginger and a subdued woodiness.  Well aged, but still with a youthful sprightliness.
Finish: Fairly long with a sweet and medium dry finish.  Again, the ginger spice excites the mid-palate.
Overall: A good expression of a rested tequila.  Not as interesting as the plata, but still a top-notch 100% blue agave spirit.
GSN Rating: A-

For more information go to: Tequila Olmeca

14 thoughts on “GSN Review: Olmeca Altos Tequila

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  2. Please guys… Please help me understand why you feel Olmeca Altos (reposado) is a quality tequila??

    I am a Sunday connoisseur of tequilas, and I read reviews re Altos and believed them. I bought the tequila with great anticipation to try it…

    It is absolutely the sorriest wannabe tequila, mineral spirit based liquor that I have ever had.. the only thing worse, in my opinion, is Hornitos.

    Again, why all the hype? It’s clearly mixed w mineral spirits…. It tastes like mineral spirits (the flavor of CHEAP vodka) and some weird sort of artificial tequiila flavoring..

    Extremely disappointed in it… I seriously want to pour the entire contents of it down the drain and rid my house of its bottle.

    I’m hoping that maybe I simply got a hold of a bad bottle, but wow, that was bad….. The first thing I did was search ‘Altos Tequila scam’, but nothing came up. The label, bottle, and the reviews make it seem special, but to me, the flavor was nothing less than highly-disturbing, unauthentic, and cheap.

    • Are you sure you bought Olmeca Altos and not just the regular Olmeca brand of Reposado? The Olmeca is a mixto which is not 100% agave. The Altos is 100% blue weber agave that is a blend of two different styles of preparation: the tahona method (This process is characterized by the use of stone-lined cooking ovens, wooden fermentation tanks, and steam copper pot stills) and the roller method (the cooked agave is crushed by mechanical roller shredding mills and presses. During the shredding process, the fibers are washed with water to help extract the sugars. This process is characterized by the use of stainless steal autoclaves, stainless fermentation tanks, and stainless pot stills).

      In any case, taste is always subjective. I agree Hornitos is a “well tequila”. Not worth imbibing.

  3. I’m usually a whiskey/whisky drinker, but I have made Altos reposado my ‘go- to’ sipping beverage in the $20-22.00 range. I have enjoyed this distillate immensely. I have chosen this over blended scotches and even small batch bourbons lately.

  4. What does “Olmeca” refer to? After buying/tasting I tried to research and can’t find a reference. (I like the Tequila in the price range!)

  5. I enjoy the (Reposado) tequilas for the richness of the vanilla and caramel flavors. The Altos reposado is quite good and has the taste of a higher end tequila and for $25.00 for 750mls you just can’t beat it. for that price it will my tequila from now on.

  6. I agree I bought a bottle of Olmeca Altos and had to pour it down the drain. It was sour and pungent smelling. If al tequilas taste like that stay away from it.

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  8. So good. Been drinking tequila for many years and Olmecca Altos is definitely my go to. There are of course better ones, but at this price nothing comes close. Even at $30 I would choose it.

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