GSN Review: Edinburgh Gin


When the word gin comes up in conversation, most people tend to think of London Dry, Plymouth, or perhaps Old Tom Style.  Yes, those are all great English gins, but not many people realize that gin has been just as popular with their Scottish neighbors to the north.  Edinburgh was the hot spot in the 1700’s, boasting eight legal distilleries and about 400 illegal stills.

Todays Edinburgh gin is made in the style of classic 18th century locally sourced gins which included heather and milk thistle.  It is also brought down to a slightly heartier eighty-six proof, to give it some extra oomph in your quaich.

Edinburgh Gin (86 proof)
Visual: Crystal clear.
Nose: Loads of juniper, fruit, and a rich maltiness.  Spicy, crisp and bright.
Taste: Interestingly, there is more citrus fruit in the mouth than juniper.  Smooth, yet insistent with a slight creaminess and a lot of peppery spice.  There’s a quite fresh quality which is lovely.
Finish: Fairly short, which is quite appropriate for this dry style.
Overall: A wonderful gin which works with everything.  You name it, it will add elegance to your next cocktail.
GSN Rating: A

For more information go to: Spencerfield Spirit Co.

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