GSN Review: The NEAT Glass

83d75e25d60195173dfe37932af2e3a2Tasting hundreds of spirits is a hard job.  (I know, I can hear all of you commiserating with me).  But, honestly, smelling and drinking dozens of new products on the liquor market takes its toll at times.  Plus, finding the ideal glass to do it with is always a challenge.

I was excited to try a new tasting/nosing glass that recently came on the market.  Called a “NEAT” glass (Naturally Engineered Aroma Technology), it is designed to allow the full aromas of a spirit percolate into the air without overwhelming your nose with the intensity of alcohol vapors. And, it does work.

As a nosing glass, it is excellent.  The aromas diffuse enough with the wide open top, that you get the essence of the spirit without “burning” your nose.  An added bonus is that you can warm the spirit by cupping the glass in the palm of your hand, or keep it cool by grasping the neck.  The feel is great as well, with a hefty and solid body, a feminine roundness and a lead-free, hand-blown craftsmanship.

It’s a bit more difficult when used to drink out of.  It takes a little practice, due to the inward curve around the neck of the glass.  Liquid tends to rush over this curve and you have to slowly tilt the glass back further than you might expect.  Once you get the hang of it, it works perfectly well.

Overall, this is a high quality product that gives Reidel a run for their money.

GSN Rating: A-

For more info, go to Arsilica, Inc.

3 thoughts on “GSN Review: The NEAT Glass

    • They are two different animals, Charles. The Glencairn feels almost fragile in the hand and the mouth is somewhat uninviting. On the other hand, it has a certain upper class quality and it does it’s job quite well. The NEAT has a welcoming feel and the lip of the rim is thicker as well as wider. The NEAT is more down to earth and personable. The only disadvantage it has is what I mentioned in the article.

      Overall, I prefer the NEAT at present.



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