GSN 2013 Cocktail & Spirit Trend Predictions

predIn no particular order, here are my predictions for the world of Cocktails and Spirits for 2013.

  • Barrel-aging will continue unabated.  As with beer being aged in ex-bourbon casks, certain spirits will be aged in ex-beer casks to pick up some of the hop character.
  • More cocktail and food pairing dinners will take place, as bar/restaurants realize the potential of cross-pollination of foodie/cocktail enthusiasts.
  • The organic, locally sourced, fresh ingredient movement will continue to gain momentum, particularly in the world of edible cocktail garnishes.
  • Independent distilleries/breweries will continue to explode in growth.  Wineries will have to seek new ways to engage oenophiles.
  • Beers that are spiced, aged or have a fruit characteristic will be utilized in low-alcohol cocktails.  Of particular note are wheat beers and Belgian ales.
  • The tap and bottled cocktail movement will end suddenly.  However, carbonated cocktails and those that use custom mixers (bespoke tonics, sodas, etc…) will begin to make their presence known for a few years.
  • Molecular mixology will be seen as a passing fad.  The average consumer wants something that looks like a cocktail and not like a science experiment.
  • New regions of world cuisine will be the basis for a movement in the cocktail world; in particular Asia, the Mediterranean, and the Middle East.  Be on the lookout for cooking spices, fruits and vegetables that add an ethnic air to cocktails.




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