GSN Review: Agwa Coca Herbal Liqueur

imagesI’m honestly surprised it’s taken this long for a coca leaf spirit to make a debut.  After all, coca was used in the world’s most popular soft drink, and energy drinks are all the rage.  Agwa is not 100% coca, but also includes dozens of other herbs.  So, in a way, it’s very much in line with Chartreuse and Benedictine.

Handpicked in Bolivia, the coca leaves are not infused into spirit, but rather the properties are extracted through steam distillation.  It then undergoes a further refinement which removes the narcotic aspects (awww… too bad).  Finally, everything is blended to create a vibrant green liqueur which is unlike anything I’ve ever had.  This is a product which is ripe for experimentation and could become an integral part of the mixologists colour palate over time.

Agwa Coca Herbal Liqueur (60 proof)
Visual: Pale emerald-green.
Nose: Unique herbal character, tangy, spicy, and verdant.
Taste: Mellow and almost like fresh green pepper, a lot spice, peppermint, green tea, aloe.  So much going on that it’s almost indescribable.
Finish: Lots of heat and a long, long finish. Almost a mild touch of jalapeno.
Overall: One of a kind, and something that would work fantastic as a rinse, or as spicy alternative to triple sec in a Margarita.
GSN Rating: A-

For more information go to: Agwa

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