GSN Review: Citadelle Gin

4571Despite Citadelle being a relatively new gin on the market (and an award-winning one at that) the recipe itself goes back to the 1700’s.  Comprising 19 different botanicals steeped in a thrice distilled wheat spirit (whereupon they are distilled for a fourth and final time), Citadelle is crafted in Dunkirk, France (where my grandfather fought during WWII).  The list of ingredients reads like a world tour of spices with everything from Chinese licorice to West African grains of paradise.

Citadelle Gin (88 proof)
Visual: Clear.
Nose: Juniper, slightly flowery whiffs, with high citrus notes.
Taste: Bright, peppery, crisp, with a lot of minerality.
Finish: Fresh, clean and quite dry.
Overall: Very well done and a style of gin that incorporates a lot of herb, citrus and spice into a cohesive whole.  Great in a traditional Martini.
GSN Rating: A-

For more information go to: Citadelle

4 thoughts on “GSN Review: Citadelle Gin

  1. I love Citadelle. I discovered this gin a while ago in Spain where I had the best Gin and Tonic with it!
    You need to try the Citadelle Reserve which is absolutely fantastic!

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