GSN Review: Tapatio Tequila

imagesTequilas are a tricky breed.  The differences often are so subtle as to be imperceptible.  Especially among silver or blanco tequilas.  Tapatio stands out from the competition by utilizing techniques that are unique amongst Jalisco distilleries.  Firstly, they use the age-old Tahona method by crushing the agave pinas with a stone wheel, and then mix the juice and fibers by stamping on them with bare feet. But the most bespoke aspect is that instead of distilling the spirit to almost pure alcohol and then bringing it down to proof with water, they simply double distill it to 80 proof and leave it at that.  This in essence leaves more of the inherent flavors of the roasted agave in the final product.

Created by the La Alteña Distillery (who recently celebrated their 75th anniversary) this unique spirit has finally made its way to the USA through the efforts of Charbay Wine & Spirits.

Tapatio Tequila (80 proof)
Visual: Clear.
Nose: Agave notes are intermixed with an almost oregano and sage-like scent.  Unique among tequilas.
Taste: Light and with more spice overtones than agave.  Hearty, and with a cool refreshing mint finish.
Finish: Almost fruity and at the same time with a peppermint overtone.  Wow!
Overall: More terroir than most silver tequilas, but the agave plays a supporting role to all of the other things going on.  Very different, and a sipping tequila that you will never forget.
GSN Rating: A

For more information go to: Tapatio

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