Imbibing Mr. Boston: The Beachcomber Cocktail


There are several Beachcomber recipes available, one of the more popular coming from Patrick Gavin Duffy’s “The Official Mixer’s Manual”.  But, this is a different recipe than the one included therein.  For starters, this calls for lemon juice and not the typical lime juice.  Also, instead of maraschino liqueur, we have grenadine.

The color is a gorgeous ruby-red (just make sure you use either homemade or real pomegranate grenadine).  The sugar rim helps cut the tartness here, and is just on the edge of being a little too sour.  I might cut back on the lemon juice by a quarter ounce, but you’ll have to play around based on the type of grenadine you’ll be using.  Overall, a tart and tasty twist on the daiquiri.

1.5oz light rum
0.5oz triple sec
0.5oz grenadine
0.5oz simple syrup
0.5oz lemon juice

For glass: lime wheel, superfine sugar

Rim chilled cocktail glass with lime and sugar; reserve lime.  Shake remaining ingredients with ice and strain into glass.  Garnish with reserved lime.

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