GSN Review: Scrappy’s Bitters (Part Two)

ScrappysBannerScrappy’s have been a standard of the bitters market for five years now, and they have already carved their niche in the cocktail world. I’ve previously reviewed several of the Scrappy’s Bitters here.  They recently sent me a batch of new flavors, which I’m pleased to review for you.

Grapefruit Bitters – Bright notes of grapefruit flesh turn quickly to citrus peel.  Some slight spices complete the recipe.  Grapefruit is a tough flavor to accurately craft, but these are exceptional.  Use these in tequila, gin and rum cocktails to add an extra sparkle.   GSN Rating: A+

Chocolate Bitters – Milk chocolate with a healthy dose of dry spice.  As with most chocolate bitters, there is a somewhat grainy quality to these, but this will add body and mouthfeel to your cocktail.  Very natural and quite tasty.  Try these with tequila, dark rum and bourbon or rye whiskies.  GSN Rating: A-

Aromatic Bitters – Quite spicy and with a black pepper aire.  Undertones of cinnamon bark play well with the overall spice bill.  Try these with a bacon infused bourbon in a Manhattan or in a Dark & Stormy to give it an extra burst of heat. GSN Rating: A-

Cardamom Bitters – Intense cardamom flavor has an intriguing balance of mint and Indian spice.  Again, a nice balance of flavor as with all of the Scrappy’s line.  These make for an interesting alternative to the flavor found in Peychaud’s Bitters. GSN Rating: A

For more information go to: Scrappy’s Bitters

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